Universal Application

How to create and submit the Universal Application

Step 1: Open Google Classroom

Step 2: On the bottom right corner click the "plus" and "Join class".

Step 3: enter the class code: noq23mq

Step 4: Click on the "Elective Applications" class.

Step 5: Click on "New Assignment: Universal application".

Step 6: Scroll up from the bottom of the screen, then click on "Your Name - Universal Application".

Step 7: In the upper right corner click on the export button (square with diagonal arrow).

Step 8: Complete Universal Application. Then hit the save button (blue check mark in the upper left corner).

Step 9: In the upper left corner click, "Classroom". Then click on the "X" in the upper left corner.

Step 10: Scroll down from the top of the screen. Then click the arrow in the upper left corner.

Step 11: In order to submit your applications do the following for each of the three classes:

  • Click on "Classwork"

  • Click on your first choice.

  • Scroll up from the bottom and click "add attachment".

  • Click "Google Drive".

  • Click "Recent".

  • Find the document titled: Your First Name Last Name Universal Application.

  • Click "Turn in".

  • Repeat the above process for all three choices.