Meet the Principal

Jason Wrzeski

Hello and welcome Bear Valley Middle School students, families, and community members to the 20/21 school year.

We have started this school year like no year ever before. Changes are constantly happening on a day to day basis and new models of learning have been implemented due to COVID-19. Currently all students have started the year off in the virtual environment. Families were given the choice this year of participating in a hybrid learning model with the option of returning to campus for in person learning when safe or the full distance model for the entire school year.

This is not a traditional start nor ideal for most of our families but the staff at Bear Valley is committed to providing all students a rigorous learning experience no matter which model they have chosen to participate. We want to prepare our students for the next steps of high school, graduation, and being productive members of our community. To help our students prepare, the staff at Bear Valley has identified four focus areas for the year:

-Student Safety

-Student Connections/Relationships

-Implementation of PBIS and Building a Positive School Culture

-Effective/Rigorous Instruction

Staff will take part in various professional development opportunities and work towards these goals to create the best possible learning experiences for all of the students at Bear Valley Middle School.

Please take some time to browse through our website as we will continue to communicate in a timely manner with our families regarding any updates or changes throughout the school year. Also, please contact me if you’d like to hear more about the great things happening at Bear Valley. I can be reached at 760-432-4060 or via email I look forward to hearing from you!


Jason Wrzeski