Bear Valley art classes are designed to develop skills of perception, problem solving, understanding, and sensitivity through a variety of experiences. The aim of the art curriculum is to give the students an understanding and appreciation for the endless and constant results of artistic efforts, which surround us in our daily lives. The unique character of the art curriculum provides students an opportunity to express and nurture their creative instincts and to develop a high sense of appreciation for humankind and nature in an atmosphere where individual expression is encouraged. Course work is offered to meet the varied interests and abilities of the students while meeting the state standards for Visual Arts.

Students in the full year art program were prompted to do research where they discovered a project with variety of banners that were created by a community of artists with a central theme. With this inspiration, students were encouraged to reflect on their future environment and the significance of trees and ecological concerns. Students were given 5 feet by 2 ½ foot vinyl banners to transfer their designs using acrylic paint. This project took over a month to complete, and reflects the thought processes of 32 students