Student Wellness Board Policy and
Administrative Regulation

The Student Wellness Board Policy and Administrative Regulation outlines the following requirements:
  • -All food items must be store-bought and pre-packaged
  • -All food items must include a nutrition label with a list of ingredients
  • -All food items must be shelf-stable at room temperature
  • -All beverages must be water or 100% fruit juice
  • -No candy or sugar-sweetened beverages are permitted
  • -Fruit is permitted as long as it is uncut and has an inedible peel (i.e. bananas and oranges)
  • -Only one food items that does not meet California Smart Snacks requirements is allowed (we understand that this can be challenging as it is not easily determined if something meets CA Smart Snacks requirements by simply looking at it. We will absolutely be developing tools to make this easier for everyone to determine, but in the meantime you can assume that this would be one serving of a treat, such as cookies or one cupcake.)

Cyber Safety

  Please see these links for an example of a technology contract to have with your child, and the presentation from the parent workshop as well as important  information about the challenges our teens face with technology today.

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