Susan Freeman , Principal
 Stacy Bermingham, Assistant Principal
  Lori Ricci, Assistant Principal

As a learning community we expect you to do your best in class and keep the focus on academics.  It is important that everyone understands the rules and procedures. In order for all students to learn and feel safe on our campus we want to remind you:

1.  All students must follow the rules at all times
2.  Always do your best work in class and on homework
3.  We will be using the Honor Level system to encourage good behavior
4.  Show campus pride by helping keep our campus clean
5.  Respect each other and all adults and show this by word and deed
6. Use your agenda daily to write down assignments, tests and other important information
7. New this year: eating at lunch time will be only at the blue tables in the lunch area!

During the first few weeks the expectations at Bear were read to you in class, each day. You heard information about the Honor level system, behavior call outs, dress code, tardies, PRIDE events, hall passes and many more things to help you be the most successful student you can be.

Your language arts teacher reviewed your agenda with you and answered questions you may have had. In your village, your teachers will check your agenda regularly.  You will also get to know other students in your class, village and grade level through our new Bear Buddies interviews as well as village and grade level bonding activities.

When everyone listens carefully, understands the rules and follows them, we are able to have fun while learning and enjoy this year at Bear Valley!  Thank you for always following our motto:  Honor, Pride, Respect!